Ravazzi’s Chianti

In the charming burg of Palazzone, nearby the thermae of San Casciano dei Bagni, a modern wine cellar where important Tuscan wines are produced. With pleasure we will escort you to the vineyards where the grapes of our Chianti and its Riserva grow, of the multi prize winners Vigne Rosse and Unguercio, from the homonym vineyard.In the wine cellar we will understand the wine-making techniques and of ageing of the different barrels, and discover the little barrels, loving guardians of the prestigious Vinsanto Occhio di Pernice. Anecdotes and curiosities will enrich the stay of our guests in the tasting room.

The extravergine olives-oil of Poggio Grande 

From many generations our family grows up oil, in the area nearby the Castle of Ripa d’Orcia. Today the culture of our Extravergine olives oil is developed on thousand plants of various qualities. Extracted with cold pressing and not filtrated, delicious to be enjoyed crude.Together we will taste different kinds of oil accompanied with bruschettas and with a lot of warmness.

Cinta and salami

The “Cinta Senese”, an antique ancestry of pigs, was probably known by the times of the Romans. Certainly in the XIV century it was present in the Siennese area, as it is shown in a famous painting by Lorenzetti (“Buon Governo”), which is kept in the Palazzo Pubblico in Siena. The biological farm company Lo Spicchio, in 2008 rewarded as best Italian company producer of biological delicatessen, offers an absolutely unique experience: visiting the free stock-farm of Cinta Senese and the farm laboratory to know the transformation techniques. Then it will be offered a tasting of the delicatessen and it will be organised a class to learn to distinguish the good and genuine products from the industrial ones. 

Contignano’s Pecorino cheese

The archaeological discovery of big boilers in pottery proved that the pecorino cheese was produced in Tuscany still in the prehistoric age.Its peculiar, unmistakable characteristic is still the same as ever: the unique mix of herbs growing in Spring in the herbages of Val d’Orcia.We will visit the cheese factory, we will follow the cycles of production and at last we will taste the different kinds of pecorino according to the different consistencies and to the seasoning.