Twenty-nine years of passion

A group of friends, a common life path featured by great enthusiasm and an extraordinary bond with our land. It was October 1986. It was a cultural idea, rather than a mere economic project, the will to prove ourselves and the world that a new kind of tourism was about to be launched, in the respect of the cultural, ambient and architectonical heritage, inheritance of the social and economic history of the minor Tuscany.

We started working in 1987 in a 14 sm office, producing the first catalogue Sogno Toscano with 12 structures including restored farmhouses and small houses in villages. All this happened in Celle sul Rigo, last village of the province of Siena, 700 people total. Since then a lot of things changed. As from 1994 we are a Tour Operator and we supply our product to the major European and American commercial partners. In 1996 Verdidea moved its offices in San Quirico d’Orcia. In 2002 our offer has been enriched with the new catalogue Collezione, a collection of the most prestigious structures for very special occasions.

Today we are commercializing more than 1.800 properties in Tuscany and in the centre-south of Italy, part of Greece, Provence and Catalogne.Our offert consist in independent villas with private swimming pool, wonderfull farm houses, agriturismo, charming hotels, lovely bed and breakfast, relais in the most important Italian cities of art and a wonderfull selection of the best Italian wellness centres.

Heartfelt thanks to everybody, guests and friends, that during these 29 years showed to appreciate our engagement (it looks like as if we began only yesterday!).

Again heartfelt thanks.