Body, movement, oneself

Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is a contemporary dancing technique for everybody where the pleasure to move and to relate with other people in a spontaneous way is emphasized. It consists in a physical dialogue where all the senses are involved. It is a spontaneous, unpredictable dance, based on respect, on listening, on fluency and on searching a natural communication through the contact of the force of gravity and the floor as two partners do. People improvise and dance, giving life to a flow of energies, and not just creating pure aesthetical shapes. Moving trying to find the most simple and fluent passages, empowers the capacity to relate and the sensory perception.

Moving sight

What does the image of the body represent in space? How does our relation with space and environment reflect itself on our body? Which are the strategies that we develop in a space that we know to feel good? During the workshop we will follow different paths, from meditation to exercises of visual perception, we will use the camera and the video camera with a “particular eye” considering elements of some of the Renaissance paintings.


It is a technique of dance and improvisation where people with different physical, psychical and sensorial abilities, coming from different cultural, national and artistic contexts, share the creation of an artistic experience based on reciprocal equality. The dance consists in a physical dialogue where all the senses are involved. The accent is put on the artistic expression, on communication and relation. The work is made to discover the common ground to move: gravity and spontaneous communication through contact and movement, experimenting something new and different about our abilities (and dis-abilities) in moving with another person, besides the limits we are used to.

Physiognomy and remedies

Physiognomy is an ancient and fascinating science that studies the visible part of face and body, as well as attitudes and temper, to reveal unbalancements and possible pathologies of the inner organs. We will deepen the study of the diagnostic, organic and traditional physiognomy in the sphere of the traditional Mediterranean medicine.

Body work       

We can work together on our body and our mind in the relationship between space and time talking, breathing, relaxing . Searching together on the path of recovery. It can be a long trip to understand where you are going and what you want. We can meet other women in a common way.

Elements’, shapes’ and human’s energy

A trip discovering the vibration of the elements: the sacredness of Water, Fire that purifies, the alchemy of Air, Earth that cures. The energy of the shapes in space and time. Creating our own energetic powerful space. The sacred circle of life, the sound that cures. We will have the possibility to visit together magical places to mediate, in unusual moments, like dawn and sunset.

The colours of the soul   

A white canvas. Just one thing to use: colour. No subject, just our own emotions. The workshop ambitiously aims at encouraging, through the painting, an exercise of introspection and relax, stimulating at the same time the personal creativity. The guest speaker of the workshop, doctor for work, painter for passion, offers the participants some inputs to create a unique work, the result of a new, fresh, emotionally relevant experience, final synthesis of the sharing of exterior beauty and internal harmony.

Raja Yoga

The practice of physical-mental and spiritual yoga is a way to live in deep harmony with nature. Its ancient techniques are based on physical exercises joined to breathing, alternating relaxing moments, concentration and meditation that influence metabolism, giving a sense of wellness, serenity and harmony.

Thai Chi Chuan

´┐╝It is the most ancient psycophysical Chinese discipline, based on the principles of the Taoist philosophy. Revisited during the millenniums, it reproduces the movement of nature and animals; for this reason it is characterized by light, sweet and kingly movements; synthesis between sweet gym, therapeutic method, meditation and internal martial arts, it gives flexibility to articulations, relax to muscles, inner force and wellness to the vital organs, harmony and clearness to the mind. Suitable for people of all ages and in good health, it is turned to harmonize the unity of body-mind-spirit.

Awareness courses

What does feeling good mean today? How the way we are, in continuous movement, can look for and find “a balance of wellness”? How can we extricate ourselves from the conventions, clichés, cultural influences, and everything hiding the vision of wellness and health? What does eating good mean? What can we expect from the use of Natural remedies (from acupuncture to medicinal herbs, from ayurveda to thermal medicine), and how can they be integrated with the use of the technological progress and of the medicine based on evidence?

Finding spirit and shape again

Finding balance and wellness with a program of adequate physical training, a healthy, regenerative and well balanced diet, building a harmonious relationship between body and soul. Set of treatments of depuration and detoxification also through anti-stress medicine, Bach’s flowers, vital aging.

Erbe e medicina tradizionale mediterranea         

Throungh guided visits I will lead you into the enchan-ing path of the acknowledgement of the various world of herbs, examining the part that concerns the cure based on the traditional popular Mediterranean techniques