Lorenza’s cooking classes

I’ve always loved cooking and I have always been fascinated by the great many different recipes that we can create from simple ingredients such as flour, water, eggs and not much more. A lot of people consider particularly difficult the preparation of pasta and the base mixtures for sweets: my desire is to show them they are wrong. My philosophy is always the same: simple and in season ingredients, and a lot of passion. The rules of the good cooking are not on recipes, we need to use our senses, nose, eyes and hands. The local products are a precious resource. With the respect of the seasons and with the help of tradition, a lot of questions will find their answer by themselves.

Tuscan soups and single dishes

 I learned from my mother and my grandmother to cook, and more time goes by and more I like to spend time for researching. We will prepare together the bread soup, the broad bean soup, the onion soup and the beans soup. I will teach you also to make two single and extraordinary dishes with the original recipes, that only few know: the scottiglia and the cacciucco of Piombino.

Homemade pastas

Tradition and simplicity respectfully keeping the original tastes of the local products. Eliana will lead you to know and appreciate often forgotten tastes. We will learn together to make “pici”, “gnocchi”, “ravioli”, “tagliatelle” using locally produced flours. At lunch, we will taste the output of our lesson.

Season’s cooking

 Today everything has changed, but in the past the cooking was seasonal. Emmer, vegetables and bread for cold soups and bruschettas in Summer. Mushrooms and chestnuts in Autumn. Polenta and warm soups in Winter. We will learn how to avoid wasting, and at the same time how to regenerate and reuse the leftover like the grandmothers used to make in the past.

Let’s learn to make Pizza

 Pizza is considered one of the most famous dishes in the world. Pizza has the merit to be simple and appetizing. But don’t let us think that a good pizza hasn’t its secrets. We will learn to knead it, flavour it in the most different ways and bake it in the wood oven.